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There are pros and cons in regards to the bingo pot size. Smaller pots means fewer players participating and the chance of winning is bigger. If you are in a large room full of players, your chance of winning the bingo game prize is the same with any other players. So the odds of winning do not depend on the number of players involved. What matters more is the number of cards you play per game.

Each Bingo site has different rules on how many cards you may play minimum to Maximum. They can vary from 1 to 3 cards to a Maximum of 25 - 36 cards per game. Obviously the more cards you play the better chance you will hit bingo. The trick is to find an optimum number of cards you feel comfortable playing with and have a good chance to hit bingo or win the jackpot. And that can only be by playing often.

There are really no game that is better than other. If you enjoy playing the jackpot bingo, then stick with it and have fun. If you like the traditional bingo then enjoy that as well. Play the game that you enjoy most. After all, it is all in the fun.

There are no restrictions on how many times or how much you can win in playing bingo. You can play as often as you want in a day. Play as many bingo tournaments as you please. Win jackpots whenever possible. That's the beauty of playing bingo online.

Play bingo as often as you like and enjoy having fun. That's the bottom line.

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